National Home Watch Association

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National Home Watch Association

The National Home Watch Association was established in 2009 for the purpose of creating standards for the Home Watch industry.

Home Watch of Arizona has been vetted for proper insurance, consumer comments and truthful website content, as well as for their agreement to follow the Mission Statement and Code of Ethics of the NHWA. Home Watch of Arizona has separated itself from the pack by committing to a very high set of standards. These standards assure clients that the company is truly looking out for their best interests at all times.

What Is Home Watch?

One of NHWA’s goals is to educate the public as to what a Home Watch service does. When Home Watch is mentioned to the average consumer, the general conclusion is that Home Watch is a security service or a house-sitting service. However, Home Watch is neither.

Home security: when a company is hired to perform highly-visible patrols of a property and deal with security incidents. While having a person regularly visiting a client’s home does add a level of security to the property, Home Watch is not a security service.

House-sitting service: when a person physically lives in the home during the homeowner's absence. Home Watch does not perform this task.

The National Home Watch Association Mission and Goal:

  • Establish and maintain the highest set of standards and ethics for all Home Watch companies in the United States of America and Canada
  • To establish and maintain trust and confidence between homeowners and Home Watch professionals
  • To protect the public from uninsured, un-bonded and unethical individuals who represent themselves as Home Watch professionals
  • To ensure that only companies who represent the highest levels of professionalism are accredited as members of the National Home Watch Association

The National Home Watch Association Code of Ethics Is:

  • Always look out for the client's best interest
  • Always protect the best interests of the Home Watch Industry
  • Always maintain proper insurance and bonding
  • Always maintain current business licenses
  • Always look to improve on existing industry standards
  • Always be diligent when checking the references of anyone or any company with which you agree to do business
  • Always think twice before speaking about competitors
  • Always use honesty and integrity in your business dealings

Trust is paramount in the Home Watch business. If we lose the trust of our public or clientele because an uninsured or careless company makes mistakes, or items go missing, the potential damage to the reputation of Home Watch could be devastating. Since our entire membership has been vetted, the recommendation of the NHWA carries weight and makes clients more confident of their choice.