GPS Reporting

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Home Watch of Arizona uses a custom program to provide you with the most detailed reports available when inspecting your home as well as the peace of mind knowing the inspector was actually in your home at the time of reporting.

The program we use has a built-in GPS system which only allows us to obtain access to our reporting software when we are inside the home. This GPS system, QRIDit, finds our client’s home via the address on Google Maps and prints out a QRID also known as a bar code, which is then placed in your home all prior to our first inspection. When we enter your home to perform an inspection we scan this QRID with our phone which then brings up your customized check list.

The checklist or reports we email to you after the inspection are totally customizable for your home and your needs. The report not only provides you with information on all the items we inspect but also provides information on other tasks we perform in the home such as starting cars, watering plants, recording thermostat temperatures and much more. We also use the checklist as a reminder to ourselves as to what specific items you may want us to perform while in your home. This state of the art reporting system also has the unique ability for us to take pictures of any problems found and incorporate them in the report.

There is a QRIDit video provided here for more detailed information about this reporting system.